Biking up 5th ave with Riley, we watched the transformation from hipster cafes and artisan grocery stores to mexican restaurants and markets.  We were on the search for some kick-ass tacos in Sunset Park.  Thristy after our ride, we bought Horchata from a street vendor.  Riley got a 32 oz. take out container for $4.  Sipping on the sweet milky juice we walked to El Branco’s Tacos on 4th ave between 44th and 43rd. I ordered the fish tacos and Riley got the Spicy Pork.

We got to Sunset Park with tacos in hand just in time to watch the sun go down.  We sat in the grass shoveling the overflowing tacos into our mouths as sauce dribbled over our chins and hands.  The fish taco was crispy and had a drizzle of spicy smoky mayo.  If I wasn’t a newly-born pescatarian I would have gotten the roasted pork (small tacos are $1.50 and regular are $2.50!).

As we ate and watched the sunset,  little kids played tag and jump roped as the adults sat on their picnic blankets.  The top 50 songs on the radio played from a speaker while a group of people zumbad.

As the day came to an end we got back on our bikes and glided down 5th ave through the slope and to downtown Brooklyn.  The warm summer air brushed past us as we soared through the empty streets.


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