Pheromone Hotbox showcases the photographs of five young women: Aneta Bartos, Amanda Charchian, Shae Detar, Olivia Locher, and Marianna Rothen.  All of their works delve into feminist ideologies.  Using nudity and sometimes obscure locations, the photographers create an intimate narrative for the viewer.


Aneta Bartos’ photographs are dark and provocative. The series displays women posing nude in a seedy motel room. The images are very aggressive and challenge the viewer to face the uncomfortableness of masturbation and sex.

Piss by Aneta Bartos

Amanda Charchian, is my photographer crush.  Her pictures are dream-like, using colorful landscapes and the female figure to create a feeling of euphoria.

Antelope Canyon by Amanda Charchain

Shae Detar’s use of rustic landscapes and the nude figure reminded me of Mother Nature and an underlying theme of purity. She paints on top of some of her works transforming them into “pop utopias pre Pre-Raphaelite dreams” creating interesting and powerful mixed media pieces.




Olivia Locher’s photographs are fun and innocent, using colors to create playful images.

Marianna Rothen photos seem to portray the transition from childhood to adult hood and the loss (or gain) of innocence with age.  Her photographs are often women in wigs, inspired by actresses such as Brigitte Bardot, Monica Vitti, Catherine Deneuve, Claudia Cardinale, and Faye Dunaway.

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