This Saturday my friends and I went to Chinatown on a pork bun adventure. We tried three different places: 148 Hester St-name unknown, Dragon Land Bakery, and Lei Li Wah.

148 Hester was very stop and go, with few places to sit down.  The filling they used was the meatiest out of the three places; it had big chunks of barbecued pork with no grizzly bits of fat.  The only downside was that the bun was too bready—not moist and sweet the way a bun should be.  The pork bun cost 90¢.

Dragon Land Bakery was the next stop on our list.  The interior is clean and has a feeling of a bustling school cafeteria.  It has a glass case filled with colorful fruit cakes, pineapple buns, hot-dog and scallion buns, and sesame balls.  There is a station on the right side of the bakery, where you point out which golden brown treat you want and a woman grabs it with barbecue tongs and wraps it in waxed paper. The Dragon Land Bakery pork bun was a little disappointing.  The bread was soft, but the filling had little meat and big pieces of uncooked onions. On top of it all, it was cold.  This cost $1.10.


Our last stop was Mei Li Wah.  The buns are kept in heated ovens behind the counter.   The bun was hot, with a very shiny golden egg wash on top.  The filling was a mixture of goopy meat and big chunks of fat covered in a sweet barbeque sauce.  The fat ended our adventure on a very off putting note.  Next time I choose a food journey, I’ll be tasting kale salads at different joints in Brooklyn.


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