Podunk reminds me of my old dollhouse.  Mismatched table and chairs fill the cozy room. The walls are covered with doodads: little shelves, bird houses, mirrors, photographs, small paintings.  I even spotted a straw hat hanging near the register.  Teapots and tea cups of all shapes and sizes are tucked in little cubbyholes.  A blue dollhouse sits on top of a refrigerator.

Podunk is the perfect place to read a book while wearing a big sweater and gingerly sipping your rose oolong or vanilla chai. The tea room is very small so, I do not recommend bringing a large party.

Elspeth Treadwell owns Podunk and she greets you with a smile and  freshly baked scones.  Her name sounds like it was picked right out of a story book.  My English grandmother always gave me books of nursery rhymes. Elspeth reminds me of the title character in The Old Woman Who lived in a Shoe.  She has a mop of wiry grey hair, tied back in a pony tale.  She wears black, wiry  spectacles, which are small and circular.  Elspeth is a warm, cheery granny to all who enter her little nook.  Stepping into Podunk, you leave New York City and enter Elspeth’s world of mini-tea pies and Earl Grey.

Podunk  - 231 East 5th Street, Between Second & Third Avenues  - East Village — (212) 677-7722  11:00PM-8:00PM


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