My friend Sophia and I were walking around the lower east side with no true destination.   Strolling always leads to hole in the wall food stores and pop up boutiques.   We walked right by my favorite Bialy shop,  Kossar’s Bialys.   The Bialy is different from and better than a bagel–yeah I said it–because of its perfect combination of chewiness, crunchiness, and the sweet onion center.  This creation was brought to New York by the Polish, and Kossar’s has been baking bialys for 65 years.  I retrieved a warm bag of freshly baked bialys and there was a free egg wash bagel in there as well.  The bagels and bialys are made in the back, formed by hand and placed in a brick oven.   The best thing about a bialy is that it doesn’t require all the toppings a bagel does.  Some butter or whitefish salad is all a bialy needs.


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