PJ McCormick is a talented singer/songwriter and musician who began writing song lyrics when he was twelve years old. PJ was born in Minnesota, but moved to London when he was eleven. He moved back to the United States during his freshman year of high school. Currently a junior at Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn, he uses the stage name – or, more appropriate for this era, his Soundcloud name - Jesus Fieldman. The name originally came to him in second grade from the xbox game Madden. His friend had a xbox character called Pinky Fieldman, a name which PJ took a liking to. Once he moved to New York, PJ decided that the name “Pinky” was not a good fit for the city and changed it to “Jesus“, simply because he liked the way it sounded. His favorite bug is the ladybug.

PJ’s unique and incredibly interesting lyrics are inspired by events in his own life and sometimes the lives of others. One of my personal favorites is “Havanna,” which is a beautiful song about his ex-girlfriend. His song “Driftwood (a real class act)” is about his old teacher in England. PJ recently found out that the teacher was charged with child molestation. Interestingly enough, the song is written from the perspective of his teacher. PJ often writes from a place of confusion. His lyrics are an outlet for the thoughts and emotions he would have difficulty expressing in everyday conversation. His music lies somewhere in the genre of indie alternative punk rock.

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