Granted is an all-boy band consisting of Henry Nye, Finn Clark, Noah Goodman, and Theo Bolton. The group plays a variety of musical instruments. Both Finn Clark and Noah Goodman sing and play the guitar, Henry Nye plays the drums, and Theo Bolton plays the electric bass.

They practice every Saturday in Henry Nye’s basement. I journeyed to Henry’s house in Lefferts Gardens and was greeted by a big black friendly dog with a shoe hanging from her mouth. Henry’s mother Leslie let me in.  She is the band’s biggest supporter and an astounding cook. I was fortunate enough to stay for lunch: delicious sloppy joes, coleslaw, and fudgy brownies with York Mint patty pieces.

During this time I got to learn more about the band and their songwriting process. All of their songs are original and written by Finn and Noah. Often, they admitted, the lyrics are written about girls. Theo said that the lyrics were, “So original it hurts.”  The bandmates’ love for one another runs deep on and off the stage.  Finn remarked,  “We don’t go more than 24 hours apart from each other….a lot of platonic love going on.” From watching them practice, I could see how connected they felt to their music. The genre is garage rock.  “Suicide Funk” is my personal favorite. The lyrics capture teenage infatuation accompanied by groovy rock beats.

Although the band mates are extremely close and share similar taste in music, each member is an individual and unique in his own way. Finn dabbles in theoretical physics and enjoys wearing big button downs. Noah is interested in films, his favorite director is Federico Fellini and his favorite movies are La Dolce Vita and Pulp Fiction.  Noah is currently making bandanas his “thing”.  Noah and Henry like to walk their dogs on Saturdays for three to four hours. Henry is the comedian of the group and constantly made jokes throughout the interview. In comparison to the rest the group, Theo brings a mellow vibe with a passion for magnets and frogs.

This was my first time interviewing a band and it was a pleasure meeting them all.   I love their music and you can listen to it at their Bandcamp in the link below.

You can check out Granteds music here:


The interview is hysterical, and captures the true spirit of Granted.  You can listen to it here: 

You can follow Granted on Facebook here:


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