Lula Hyers is a Junior at LREI.  She is a photographer I admire, and whose style  distinguishes her.


Do you remember the first time you took a picture?

Lula: I don’t remember, but my parents are photographers so I have been taking pictures since I was really little.  I started taking pictures on my own in 7th grade.


What inspires you to do what you do?

Lula: I like reportage photography a lot. I enjoy taking pictures because I can look back on a past moment in time and feel like I’m still there. Anyone can pick up a camera and take a photo but it’s difficult to take a good photo. I think taking a good photo is about creating the image with purpose and thinking about the composition. I also think regardless of what emotion is evoked, it should create one. It should evoke a reaction, even if that is that you don’t like the photo. 

What cameras and lens do you use?  

Lula: I have a film camera that was my mom’s camera from college.  For digital photos I use a Canon Rebel with a 24-70mm lens.  


You have such beautiful lighting in your photos– how do you get those stunning effects?

Lula: I like black and white photography because by removing the color from a photo you can really create an intense contrast.  I like using natural light in my photos.


Is there a photographer that inspires you?  Tell me more about why he/she inspires you?

Lula: It changes all the time.  Right now, I’m into Garry Winogrand.  I’m actually doing an honors project at my school with my friend Cam.  It’s called “Local” and she is doing “Subway,” and I’m doing “Street.”


If you could host a dinner party, what four people, dead or alive, would you invite?

Lula: I would invite Basquiat; Nan Goldin; and the Cocorosie sisters, Bianca and Sarah Cassidy.  


How has photography changed you?

Lula: It has made me look at things differently.  My eyes have turned into a viewfinder.  I’m constantly on the look out for how light hits objects.  It has made me appreciate art a lot more and how much effort is put into beautiful art.   People think it’s easy to take a good photo but there are so many things that go into it, such as lighting and the subject.  


How would you describe your style?

Lula: I dress like a boy.  Out of all my friends, I definitely have a tomboy look.  It is weird and random.  I don’t really like color that much; I mostly wear blacks and dark tones.  


Describe your perfect weekend, is there a favorite place you and your friends like to hangout.

Lula: A really warm day in Prospect Park and get tacos from Oaxaca Taco.  My friends and I are usually in Manhattan, we go out a lot to eat.  We’re all big foodies.  
Her amazing Tumblr showcases her beautiful and evocative photography.  To experience  her art —–>

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