I met Lily Pisano on the benches of The Court Street Book Store; she was hard to miss in a stunning all sky blue outfit.  Lily is going into her junior year as an art major at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School. She does beautiful ink drawings of women that are filled with bold symmetry and geometric shapes. Her fascination with lines led to her subway series using the line technique. Lily’s subway series came from an art assignment where she had to choose the one place she felt most at home. For Lily, this place was where she found herself frequently, on the platform waiting for the F and C trains.   Lily’s art is inspired by Kehinde Wiley, Yayoi Kusama, Picasso, Chuck Close, and Jen Mann.


Lily told me about the struggles of art students at Laguardia who can’t afford to pay the $350+ for a semester’s worth of art supplies. In order to support her peers, Lily came up with an innovative way to raise money. She paints backpacks with any design that a customer chooses for $25. She has made $40 for the art department so far and her goal is to reach $1,000.  Hand-painted backpacks on Etsy range from $50-$250, therefor Lily is offering a great deal. Lily needs 100 people to hire her each semester to keep the kids at LAG doing their art. I really enjoyed getting to meet Lily, and if you or someone you know want a really cool backpack and would like to help her out you can contact Lily at!

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