Jacket: Calvin Klein
Sweatshirt: American Apparel
Necklace: Unknown


Chuma Osse is a Junior at Friend Seminary and produces his own music.  I interviewed him in Soho while he took me to a few of his favorite stores.  One of the stores, Atrium, was filled with top notch designers and edgy clothes.  The shoe collection is intense, filled with special edition sneakers and men’s shoes.  Atrium is grand in itself, but the people shopping within the store are way more impressive.  When we were there, it was filled with fashionable Swedish and Asian men.  One guy was wearing this draw-dropping, green, faded jacket that was definitely a statement piece.   Sadly they wouldn’t allow me to take pictures but the store is worth checking out if you find yourself in Soho.


Why do you love fashion?

Chuma:  I think it’s a good outlet to express yourself and I love the fact that there are so many options.  I also like the reactions of people towards what you’re wearing.  For example my pink Reebok x Basquiat sneakers.  I’ve never seen anyone else wear them; it makes me feel special.


Where do you shop?

Chuma:  I shop at Atrium, Supreme, thrifting, and online.


What made you want to go into music?

Chuma: My grandfather is a Grammy Award winning producer.  He inspired me to start making music. When I was younger I used to spend a lot of time in his studio. I was constantly around music, equipment, and instruments.  From a young age, I sort of knew what I wanted to do.  I came to the conclusion in 5th grade that I wanted to be a music producer.  Not once have I changed my mind.  


What artists inspire you?

Chuma: It comes in waves, one week I’ll be really impressed by the creativeness of Madvillain and another week I’ll be into electronic.  It varies on who I’m listening to that week.   


What is your favorite place in New York?

Chuma: Soho, because of the cool fashionable Japanese people, and the awesome clothing stores.   My favorite place to eat in Soho is Kelly and Ping.  


You can check out Chuma’s music on his soundcloud:


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