My friend Alex Budai, who is a celebrity hairstylist,  created an app called Hairweather.    It eliminates frustrating and ever-present  “bad hair days” and advises girls on DIY, 5minutes hairstyles that works best according to their local forecast
Alex Budai:  The whole idea came to me in a rainy, fall day! One of those , when you don’t really want to leave your house!  I was going to work on the subway and I saw a very pretty girl get on! She was dressed well,  great make up but her hair was down and  just got messed up because of the weather! I looked at her for a while and I thought of myself -what were you thinking? I wish I could help her and show her a different hairstyle or a good product for a day like this! I got to my  job and my client’s first question was “What can I do with my hair in this weather?” And the spark came! ” hairweather”.  I can’t go up to every girl and tell her, or teach her, what and how to do it. But with an app , I help all the girls!

The free version gives you limited excess to all the features, which is already out in App stores.
It gives you  one recommendation for the most common hair for a day, up to 4 cities in the world.

 With  the extended version, slated to be released this fall, 2015 (costing$.99) will give you more hair help :
-”how to” create recommended hairstyles 
-personalized advise to your hair type 
- Best Friend(BF) every day,
-gives you 2 looks for a day (am- pm looks)
-trending,  which tells you all the -new hair fashion in color and hairstyles,
                                                    – talk about award shows best hairstyles,
                                                     -street trends,
                                                     -all the things you should know to manage your hair

Alex Budai believes hair is the essential accessory to finalize any outfit.  
-”5 Days forecast”: – you can plan your week ahead
                               -traveling? Check any city in the world you are interested in, helps to plan your trip, (outfit with hair)
To download it:
Apple store;
 android  store ;

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