My brother Dante and I took our first sibling only trip to Scotland; we made the perfect traveling duo.  He planned our long walks and hikes and I planned the places we went to eat.

The majority of the time we didn’t plan our meals.  When the rain became unbearable we would go into the closest pub or mom and pop tea shop.

One morning we walked to Leith, which is a district of Edinburgh by the water.  Leith is very beautiful and on a nice day it is definitely worth taking a leisurely stroll along the water of Leith walkway.  We walked to a lovely tea shop called Mimi’s Bakehouse.  The interior is quirky; they use a wallpaper that has topless 50’s pin-up girls holding baked goods and wearing tiny aprons. I ordered the afternoon tea for one that cost 14.50£ and split it with my brother– we were on a budget.  The treats were served with homemade raspberry jam and clotted cream– the fancy kind.   My two favorite bites were the mini scones and the honey roasted ham with whole grain mustard sandwiches; everything else I could do without.

Not all the food was delightful; Scotland isn’t really known for their cuisine.  I had a bratwurst from a food stand, which was tasty while ingesting but left me with a dirty sick feeling.  One day we went to a laundromat; while we waited we went to a little shop that sold breakfest to the builders.  Dante got the “Full Scottish” that cost 4£, it consisted of: black pudding, sausage, bacon, haggis, block of pink meat that tasted of ham, tattie scones, beans, toast, and eggs.  Haggis is a pudding of sheep liver, heart, and lungs.  Black pudding is a type of blood sausage made with pork blood and oatmeal.


My cousins, Dante, and I went to the same fry shop every night after our late night shows.  We didn’t go because it had the best fried haggis in all of Edinburgh; it was just convenient and open.  My cousin got the baked potato (or what the British call a jacket potato) filled with cheese and heinz baked beans.  The combination was surprisingly good and comforting when you’re soaked to the bone and freezing in August.  My brother got a brick of meat covered in pastry and topped with fries and gravy.  This light midnight snack had him rolling around in his bed all night moaning from stomach pains.

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