This Friday I saw Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka. Shoplifter’s exhibition, Changelings, at Capricious 88.  Shoplifter uses detritus such as: fur, wood, plastic bags, flagpoles, fabric, and hair extensions.  She takes these objects and explores their absurdity through creating stunning sculptures.  Shoplifter examines the fetishistic desire to collect and transform material into “changelings teetering on the edge of object and organism”. By reusing these materials she is giving the object new life.  She believes that when we give into consumerism we should never let go of our purchases. Shoplifter takes what she once owned and tears it apart to become something completely different.  She uses objects that people take for granted, like trash bags and weaves, and recreates them to be beautiful.

I related to this show because hoarding is a large part of my family.  My grandmother used to keep pretty chocolates just to look at.  Once I found eight year old blue speckled chocolate eggs, in mint condition, by her bathtub.  If something was beautiful to her it wasn’t meant to be used.  She never threw any clothing out, no matter how many holes it had.  Shoplifter reminded me that everything can be made into something, even if it isn’t thought of as beautiful anymore.

Capricious Gallery:

 88 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

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