Despite the fact that it was grey and chilly, my boyfriend Thomas and I convinced ourselves that it was a perfect spring day. We got out of the house and decided to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. On rainy days hours can go by clicking to that next episode on Netflix.  Surprisingly, there is more to life than House of Cards.  The hope that the cherry blossoms would be in bloom, propelled us out of the house. We took a detour to the Brooklyn Public Library Cafe to gather our picnic of sandwiches and overpriced pie. We snuck our food into the Gardens and ate in the Cherry Esplanade.  This place holds special memories. I was reminded of playing tag with my brother around the trees and stepping over couples while snacking on other luncheon contraband.

Thomas and I got a BLT and a grilled cheese; two classic sandwiches one would hope a hipster cafe wouldn’t mess up. Unfortunately while unwrapping the BLT we discovered it half naked missing the T. The grilled cheese was not much better. The bread to cheese ratio was way off and the little cheese that was there was hardly melted. I learned my lesson to not buy hot sandwiches that don’t travel well. We finished the meal with the most miniscule piece of Four and Twenty Blackbirds Salted Caramel Apple pie. I felt cheated since this is not only my favorite flavor, but I was charged the full $4.75 for barely a sliver.

After our picnic we got rid of the evidence, and disposed of our lunch wrappings in a nearby trash bin as we walked over to the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden.  Just as I remembered, the pond was encased with a snowstorm of pink and white petals. Creating the feel of being in a snowglobe. In the middle of the pond stands the bright orange Torii gate that transports you back to Japan. The soft pink of the weeping cherry blossoms stood out even more against the grey sky. Trying to relive my childhood, we sneakily fed the Koi cheerios. When I was younger feeding the Koi seemed fun and frivolous.  But now that I am older I notice them butting their heads and snapping their mouths, not nearly as kind as I once thought.

We ended our day walking through Daffodil Hill and smelling the sweet smell of magnolias. Every week the Gardens change with something new in offer. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is a bargain and is the best $5 a student can spend for a peaceful escape.

1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

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