I have had many banana cream pies in my life, but this one beats them all.  Yes even Magnolia Bakery’s killer banana cream pie can cannot compare.   I was actually dreaming of Magnolias custard when I decided to challenge theirs.  I had never made banana cream pie before, but I was up for the challenge, even though my former attempts at custard ended sadly. My mother of course accompanied me  on my journey into pie land, but I like to think of myself as the main inspiration.  The pure butter crust was pre baked and tasted like a really fine Scottish shortbread. For the custard, which was rich yet light, we used fresh organic farm eggs, with yolks that were firm and orange.  The secret was the brown sugar used in the custard which gave it a slight butterscotch taste.  We used local farmer’s cream, beaten with a hint of sugar – and generously heaped on top of the custard and bananas.  My father’s only suggestion was, “more bananas.” But then again, he feels there are never enough bananas.

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